Our Mission:

To provide the most realistic and practical life-saving self defense training possible, which enables military, law enforcement, and law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against multiple assailants and other threats.

(631) 226-8383

711 North Wellwood Ave
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

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Modern Warrior
Modern Warrior

About Modern Warrior

The School

Modern Warrior® was founded in 1981 by Phil Messina (Sgt. NYPD Ret.) and is located at our specially designed, self defense training facility in Lindenhurst, NY.

Modern Warrior teaches practical application self defense. In all of our classes, long or short term, even our one evening seminars, the teaching methods are similar: high instructor to student ratio, simple concepts conveyed via practical techniques, and an easy, comfortable learning environment. Individual classes or courses may have very specific goals, and teach specific audiences; i.e. Confrontational Handcuffing (for police or L.E. only) and the Free Rape Prevention Course (for females over 12 only.) Modern Warrior® training is known worldwide for its practicality and effectiveness. It is our belief that all persons have the right to defend themselves, and those with firearms have an even greater responsibility to be trained in effective and practical self defense methods.

What Makes Modern Warrior So Different?

Ground Fighting You will be trained in a complete fighting system that includes blocking, striking, kicking, grappling, breaking holds and more. Modern Warrior® teaches adaptable goal oriented training. Students learn where and how to hit and they learn how to attack vital targets of the body. Students even learn how to fight and win from the ground.

Modern Warrior®’s unique training facility includes environmental elements such as scented fog, changes in lighting, fans, distracting noises – and that’s only our gyms. Upon entering our Environmental Simulator Room, students are exposed to rain, snow, thunder and lightening, a hurricane fan, slippery ground and surfaces, getting in and out of a real car, and confined areas including a narrow hallway and realistic elevator. Other confined areas include a full size school bus complete with bus and airline seats, an elevator, narrow hallways and staircases.

We teach with a high teacher to student ratio. This allows the instructors to gear their sessions toward each student's strengths and weaknesses."

Multiples Because Modern Warrior® is training for the real world, all Modern Warrior® training is done in street clothing and with shoes on. Students learn techniques wearing the clothes that they wear in the real world. Our gym is furnished with lots of training equipment including Nottaline foam furniture from Crown Gym Mats for the most realistic settings for real world self defense. Items used for training include a full size bed, tables, lamps, chairs, desks and more!

Classes are geared for adults. The average age of Modern Warrior® students is 36. Modern Warrior® students have ranged in age from 13 to 76. Students under the age of 18 will only be accepted into our adult classes under special circumstances but may join our Children's Martial Arts Program - Wolverinz. Additional requirements to be met include maintaining set academic standards for each student, additional chores at home (if parent is paying for classes) and other requirements as necessary.

Interested applicants are encouraged to come and take a tour of our facility and make an appointment to view a class. Call us at 631-226-8383. All applicants will be screened.

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The Art

All courses are based on principles of Bo Fung Do, a martial art system geared for practical self defense against one or more opponents in an informal, non-traditional setting. We don't do traditional exercises or wear martial arts clothing. Our instructors are referred to by name, not title, and we train in street clothes and shoes (boots, sneakers, etc.) under realistic conditions.

Bo Fung Do, the art of multiple opponent combat, is an extension of a Kung Fu fighting style known as Wing Chun. As a student learns Bo Fung Do, he or she will learn some Wing Chun principles of combat that have been modified and tested to be more practical for fighting multiple assailants.

Bo Fung Do (The Way of the Sudden Storm) training teaches you the strong points of several styles of combat, plus techniques unique unto itself. Its practical and efficient approach allows the student to develop a total awareness of the mind and body functioning as one. The student is soon amazed by his or her capabilities. The student learns to quickly recognize, exploit, and react to the weaknesses inherent in different styles of combat. The student emerges as a happier, well rounded, self assured, and self confident individual, which is sensed by those around whether they be friend or enemy.

Bo Fung Do is especially useful for Police Officers and persons defending themselves against multiple attackers. Because this training is specifically geared for life and death situations it is not suited for tournaments. The only thing more potent than the art itself is the respect you gain for it. Bo Fung Do is not for sport. It's for the real world.

All of our classes (long and short term) are based on the Bo Fung Do System, but topics and/or techniques may be adapted for specific students' needs such as law enforcement, smaller persons, taller persons, persons with disabilities, etc.

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The Logo

Modern Warrior Logo Bo Fung Do is the name of the system that comes from Wing Chun that has been adapted for multiple combat. The keystone of our system is Wing Chun. It is important to note that without Wing Chun, Bo Fung Do cannot exist. Wing Chun is a Kung Fu system developed by a Chinese nun, and named after the young woman who was the first student of the art. Her name, Yim Wing Chun, means "Beautiful Springtime." This is why we use the symbol of the rose. Our application of the Wing Chun System is known as Bo Fung Do, which means "the Way of the Sudden Storm." This is why we use the symbol of the lightning. The yin and yang (the circle with the dark and light halves) is the symbol of all Kung Fu, which means that for everything there is an opposite: for darkness there is light, for evil there is good, for man, woman, etc. Each part of the universe is balanced by its equal and opposite. When you put it all together you notice that the rose, although beautiful, can also be dangerous. Lightning, although dangerous, can also be beautiful. If you have ever seen one of our students sparring against multiple opponents, you saw this in action - their constant fluid motion is like the calm in the middle of the storm. It is a very balanced logo - meaningful to our students, and symbolic of our art.

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The Teaching Staff

About the Instructors

The Modern Warrior® Staff currently consists of many dedicated people, with various areas of expertise. Periodically check this page as our staff bring in their "resume" and tells us about themselves. We have a very diverse, dedicated, motivated staff - this is one of the things that people like best about Modern Warrior®.

Our staff consists of different types, as well as different levels of instructors. Instructors may be certified in Police Defensive Tactics Programs, or they may teach women's self defense programs, or the martial arts programs.

Click here to learn more about our staff.

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